Impact: Politicians For the War

During the Vietnam War, many politicians were pushing the US to increase military involvement. They were trying to contain the spread of communism. Today, we face a different threat that is spreading worldwide. There are many groups and organizations today that use terrorism. The amount of these groups worldwide is rapidly increasing. Many politicians today also believe that we should increase military involvement, which is similar to some politicians’ views during the Vietnam War. Their positions are both similar, they are just fighting for different causes. During the Vietnam War, their goal was to stop the spread of communism. Today they are fighting terrorism. This article talks more about the war on terror and what is occurring today.

We Are Losing the War on Terror


Fighting the War: Operation Rolling Thunder and Tet Offensive

I chose this specific even because I wanted to learn more about Operation Rolling Thunder. It sounded very interesting to learn about, which is why I chose to research this event. This video reveals that the attack was intended to destroy North Vietnam infrastructure in order to stop supplies from going to the south. it was also intended to pressure North Vietnam to end their support for the Viet Cong. The video also reveals that the damage inflicted on North Vietnam cost around $300 million. Operation Rolling Thunder also did not meet all its objectives, South Bietnam continued to be supplied.

I also chose the Tet Offensive because it was a very significant part of the way and had a large impact on the war. This video reveals that the Tet Offensive was a failure on the battlefield for the Viet Cong. It was a very important event because it caused public opinion in the US against the war and encouraged President Johnson not to run for another term. The Tet Offensive also created a credibility gap because it caused the public to see that the US wasn’t actually headed for victory.


LBJ’s Contribution to The Vietnam War



“If we quit Vietnam tomorrow we’ll be fighting in Hawaii and next week we’ll have to be fighting in San Francisco.”

Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th president of the United States. He contributed greatly to the Vietnam War,mostly  escalating the crisis. Johnson’s main goal was to limit the spread of Communism, in any way possible. He was encouraged by many to send US troops and take an aggressive approach to the war, but knew it would not be supported by many. Many people voted for him because he promised to try to end the war as soon as possible. Many people began to lose faith in him after the Tet Offensive. Viet Cong and NVA soldiers attacked cities and military bases, launching a major offensive across South Vietnam. This even caused people to lose support in Johnson and how he was handling the war.  He provided the people with many benefits by launching his reforms, but when it came to the war he failed the people.









The Battle of Dien Bien Phu and The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

On March 1954, the Viet Minh launched a surprise attack on a French military base at Dien Bien Phu. They surrounded the base and by April, the more than 12,000 French soldiers were ready to give up. The French lost the battle and began to withdraw their forces from Vietnam. This was the key battle of the first Indochina War. This event escalated U.S. involvement in the war because it causes Eisenhower to warn that if Vietnam fell to communism, the rest of southeast Asia would also, this becomes a strong motive for U.S. involvement in the war.

chien-thang-dien-bien.jpg (450×315)

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In 1964 also, Vietnam was sending weapons to their leader, Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam fired machine guns and torpedoes at a U.S. destroyer at the Gulf of Tonkin, but the ship wasn’t damaged. Johnson did not attack back, but he sent a message to Hanoi warning him that any further attacks would have “grave consequences.” Two days later, Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, allowing the US to join the South and fight back. This incident escalated U.S. involvement because it provoked the U.S. to escalate its involvement in Vietnam.

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FVHS Mood For Food

What originally started out as a small, simple idea became a big reality, where it was much more than just spurring innovation into the minds of teenagers. It was about putting ourselves out there in world, changing the world, and creating the deeper bond between one another. To do this, we decided to use food as our method. So why did we choose food for our small-scale project while others are doing much bigger things, like volunteering and fundraising? Well, we believe that food is a common language that we all share and love to embrace. 

So when you’re going out and you’re suddenly in the mood for food, where do you go to eat? Right off the top of your head, a fast food restaurant is the best idea. It’s cheap, quick, quite filling, and there’s always a fast food place nearby. This is a huge problem, as there are much better places to eat out besides fast food, where the food is healthy (to some extent) and actually tastes like real food without the added preservatives and flavorings. However, many people these days are just too lazy to look for a good place to eat, as a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s could be found within a mile radius anywhere, or they just don’t know any good food places because they eat fast food so often. We felt that this was a popular need as a lot of people, including us, are related to this struggle. So we decided. We had 30 days. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes. 30 days to change the concept of eating out. That was how was how much time we put into our innovation project. We may only have less than a month to do this project, but hopefully our results will far exceed the time frame.

At first, we had no idea what our end product of this project would be. We only knew that our ultimate goal was to reach out to the community. Directly. We decided to create a working list of best restaurants in the OC area. In order to confirm our picks and expand our food IQ, we set out as a group to try some of these places for ourselves. That was how we were able to give food recommendations for some of the restaurants we had listed. We had our restaurants, but we still had to find a way for attention to be shed on it. We set about making a food pamphlet with our settled 37 favorite restaurants with their individual food picks each. On each food pamphlet, added a QR code to the back where when scanned, it would open a link to our blog. In total, we printed 350+ copies, which was about $35 total at Office Depot, and passed them out in our neighborhoods.

To further expand our project into the global conversation, we made our own blog titled “fvhsmoodforfood” and a twitter account called the same time. On this blog, we blogged about our favorite places to eat out, along with food recommendations. Also on our blog, we have an interactive google map of all 37 of our favorite places to eat out, from restaurants, to bakeries, and to ice cream parlors. On our twitter account, we took pictures showing our progress for the past 30 days.

Overall, we had a great time with this project. It may not have a huge impact on the world, but it’s meaningful and we’re satisfied with it.

Are You Up To Brawl?

These past few weeks, we have been doing something called a “Brawl” in my English class. It’s basicaly a really exciting debate between two groups. Each group had to come up with questions based on the book “All Quite On The Western Front” and then each group is given a question they have to present their take on. These debates got real intense real quick.

It was a great experience which I learned a lot from. We learned how to take things from outside and instead of putting them into writing, discussing about them orally. I learned a lot from these brawls. First of all, it helped me with my public speaking skills. It also taught me to  beconfident in whatI’msaying and to be ready any time. The best brawls were the ones where the groups were actually interested in what they were saying, it got the audience hooked instantly. You have to be open minded and hear what the other side has to say also. Team work and communication were also a big part of the brawls. You had to work together and communicate to know what you’re going to say. Be cnfident in what you are saying and be persuasive. I saw that the best groups were the ones who had an image or video as evidence for their points. It made it more persuasive and interesting. However, some groups who didn’t have any images or videosstill did an amazing job.

Seeing everyones Brawls and watching them debate was really interesting. I am glad I got to be a part of this experience. I also learned many new skills not only participating in the brawls, but observing them also. Isaw the different ways teams hooked in the audience and brough them to side with them. The questions that Mr. Theriault picked were also amazing, the questions themselves had so much power. They made the Brawls even more interesting, the topics were very controversial, which made the Brawls even more engaging.

Here are a few pictures my group took during the Brawls:

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My Blogging Experience

Overall, I have learned many lessons and new things along my blogging journey, to which I am grateful for. At first, blogging was a very new world for me, the idea of having my own blog didn’t sound very exciting to me at first. Over time, I got used to blogging and began to love it! Reflecting on my blogging journey, I have learned many new things which I can apply to my life now.

Through this experience, I have learned to take ideas from school and the outside world and incorporate it into my writing. I have learned how to write more creatively and how to experimet with different writing styles. I have also learned that creating qualitywriting takes and time and effort and cannot be rushed.Blogging has also taught me that not all criticism is bad. Listening to and learning from criticism is an important life skill. Blogging has allowed me to share inspiration and spread positivity to my audience and others.

I would have to say my biggest obstacles would be generating ideas and creating content. Every week when we would start a new blog post, I would always sit there trying to think of a topic to write about. Another challenge I faced was consitency. When I first started my blog, I decided the theme I would focus on would be photography. Throughout the year, that theme slowly dissappeared and I started writing about random topics. Being consistent in my writing and creating interesting content was one of my biggest challenges.

For future bloggers, I would advise you to start working on your blog posts early. Don’t procrastinate. Put time and effort into your blog posts and make sure your work is great quality.

One of my favorite blog posts was How To Find Beauty In The Little Things. I talked about how the world around us is filled with beauty and how we just have to take a moment to appreciate the beauty in life. I loved writing about inspirational topics and spreading positivity. Another one of my favorite blog posts was How To Leave An Impact Onthe World. In it, I talked about making a differnce in the world and how you can use your passions to make an impact on the world.

How To Find Beauty In The Little Things | Capture the moment

I love blogging! In my opinion, it is a great way for students to transform their ideas into writing in a different and unique way. I am grateful that I had this oppurtunity to experience having my own blog and hopefully I can continue updating my blog even after the school year finishes.

Dreams Are Not What They Seem

I just recently blogged about dreams and the pursuit to achieve your dreams. I love this blog post because it explains the reality to achieving your dreams and that “achieving your dreams is not directly connected to happiness.” She goes futher to explain that there are different paths to achieve a specific goal and that it is important to do it for yourself. Fulfilling your dreams can come with consequences. It can cause you to have to give something up. Are you willing to face those consequences in order to achieve yur dreams?

Is Life About The Destination Or The Journey?

“Life is about the journey, not the destination” I’m sure you’ve heard of this statement before. It sounds pretty cliché, but it is actually accurate. Of course the destination is a significant part, but the journey to the destination and everything else in between is even more important. We all encounter the good, the bad, losses, victories, obstacles, disappointments, satisfactions, good memories, bad memories all throughout our lives. These are the things that shape us and guide us to eventually reach our destination. Life is a journey that prepares us to arrive at the destination.

Of course the destination is crucial and important, otherwise what is the point or aim of life? But if we spend our lives just worrying about the destination then how are we going to be able to enjoy our lives? The journey is the time where we discover, learn, grow and thrive. All the mistakes, challenges, and victories in our lives are what make up the journey. They help us grow and thrive as people, they eventually lead us to our destinations.

Life is a series of destinations. You will never reach your final destination, not in this life at least. If you don’t reach your goal, change your target. That is how we make mistakes in life that shape us. We all have many destinations in life, we might not succeed in fulfilling all of them. But, life doesn’t wait, so just enjoy the journey. Many people forget the important things in their pursuit to achieve the things they want. Focus on enjoying your friends, family, memories, focus on enjoying the journey.

So life is a journey, you never know what to expect. Just try not to be so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the more important things in life. You will have more joy walking step by step through the journey than reaching your destination without actually benefiting and learning from it or making memories along the way. Focus more on enjoying the journey rather than focusing on your pursuit to your destination. This doesn’t mean you have to forget about your dreams and ambitions, just allow yourself to achieve great things without forgetting about the little things in life too.

Goodbye Spring Break

I am sad to say Spring Break has ended and as usual flew by so quickly. I had an amazing and relaxing Spring Break which was greatly needed. I just wish I would have used my time a little more wisely. As William Penn said “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” I wish I would’ve taken more opportunities and done more exciting things. However, I still had a great spring break and I hope you enjoyed it too. 🙂

My first day of spring break started off great. It was a surprise birthday party for my friend Miriam at Ruby’s, on the beach. We all went to Ruby’s and waited to surprise her. It was perfect. She was so in shock, she was shaking for a good twenty minutes! After that we walked around on the beach and had a good time. The rest of that weekend I spent mostly binge watching Netflix (of course), shopping and spending time with my family.

The rest of my Spring Break mostly consisted of going to church. I am a Coptic Orthodox Christian so we just had our Easter yesterday, a week after traditional. The week leading up to Easter was Holy Week, fortunately for me Spring Break fell on the same week so I got to go to church most of the time.

I’m really glad I also got the chance to see the movie Fast and Furious 7 with my friends. It was an amazing movie, but full of emotion especially because of Paul Walker. Huge tribute to Paul Walker for touching the lives of many, his legacy will carry on forever. I would really recommend this movie, but beware it might cause you to hold back tears especially at the end.